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Paintworks Submission Guidelines

PaintWorks, looks to present quality painting projects in a straightforward, easily understandable style. As a how-to magazine, we aim to teach our readers principles and techniques for painting, lay foundations that encourage readers to develop their own ideas, inform readers of new ideas, products and trends within the industry, and present as wide a variety of projects as space, editorial focus, and audience interest allow.

We’d like your projects to be featured in our pages. However, we ask that you submit only original material that has not been published elsewhere nor is currently under consideration by another publisher. Provide an appropriate-sized pre-stamped envelope for the return of your materials.

All mediums and surfaces for painting will be considered for publication with equal interest—acrylics, oils, alkyds,
watercolors, stencil designs, faux finishes, fabric paints, etc., for wood, canvas, tin, glass, paper, porcelain, fabrics—provided
the projects are original, and timely (season, holiday, or trend). Applications of items may be for home décor, wearable art,
or gift giving.

Articles Desired
Articles may cover subject areas described above, and should be accurate and insightful. Lengthy discussions (textbook style) or overly specific emphasis (lacking general appeal) do not meet the needs of our readers. We look to provide overviews of a wide variety of subjects to stimulate and encourage our readers to further explore their painting hobby and skills. Please
provide photographs, diagrams, or other appropriate visuals to support the article.

If you have any questions, contact Linda R. Heller, Editor, PaintWorks, 7 Waterloo Road, Stanhope, NJ 07874 or call
(973) 347-6900x 126 between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. EST, Monday – Friday. E-mail:


We request that you first submit several good quality color photographs of the project for our consideration. Keep backgrounds simple in order to highlight the project, and include a recognizable object in the picture as a gauge to size and scale of the project. Include a detailed list of materials needed to complete the project. Be sure to write your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address on your letter and photographs. After receipt of your letter and photographs, you may be asked to send the finished item for review. Upon acceptance, we will require the finished item to be sent to us for photography and it will be returned once the issue has been published.

All original manuscripts for projects should consist of:

  1. An introduction. Include information on technique, inspiration for design, etc.
  2. A complete list of materials with no abbreviations. List in detail all the materials, tools, and paints needed to complete the project. Product brand names should be included where appropriate. These, and specific paint names, must be listed accurately. When listing brushes, each brush must be accurately and fully identified by the following: manufacturer’s name, a series number, brush size, and name of brush (be sure to check the manufacturer’s catalog listing for accuracy, an inaccurately labeled brush will be listed as generic). List paints by proper name and indicate palette setup information if necessary. Do not abbreviate paint colors in body of text.
  3. Thorough step-by-step instructions. The instructions must be clear, complete, and concise. (Define procedures and techniques as needed, especially if it is a technique that is not commonly used or if you perform a
    technique in a unique manner.) List all instructions in the order in which they are carried out. Include paints (no abbreviations), paint mixtures, brush use, and indicate when using a specialty brush. Indicate in the text when to refer to the worksheet, color chart or value placement diagram. Submit all instructions in appropriate magazine
    format using the magazine as a guide. Submit instructions on disk (Microsoft Word or Rich Text is the preferred format but we have the capabilities of translating text from most PC or MAC programs.) and also include 2 hard copies.
    Please be sure to proofread all instructions before sending. Manuscripts with missing information will be returned to be rewritten.
  4. Include a list of suppliers, their addresses and phone numbers at the end of your instructions. Be sure to include your name, title, address, telephone number, and e-mail address on your instructions.
  5. Clear full-size patterns inked in black on white paper (do not use pencil). Pattern should be no larger than 10” x 14” (If pattern is larger, please contact the editor.). Do not place labels directly on the patterns—they should appear on an overlay or on a clear photocopy. Any hand-drawn illustrations should be as detailed and clear as possible. Be sure to put your name on the pattern.
  6. A step-by-step color worksheet, no larger than 11” X 17”. Do not place labels directly on color worksheets—they should appear on an overlay or on a clear photocopy. Be sure to put your name, address, telephone number, and
    e-mail address on the back of your color worksheet. In some cases a color chart or value placement diagram aids the step-by-step instructions. These should be labeled as done for the color worksheet.
  7. A designer color photo labeled with your name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address. Note: When
    shipping projects for photography, pack carefully and be sure to label project with name, address, telephone
    number, and e-mail address and use a traceable means of shipping it to our office. (Note: Include a UPS shipping address for return of project.)

Consideration of your project for publication in PaintWorks is as much a matter of editorial and seasonal circumstances as of the quality of your design. We look forward to receiving your creative ideas and projects and wish you much success.

Send submissions and correspondence to Linda R. Heller, PaintWorks, All American Crafts, Inc., 7 Waterloo Road, Stanhope, NJ 07874 or call (973) 347-6900 x 126. E-mail: