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Surfaces, Tools & Embellishments

I have been a busy beaver in the studio creating a variety of art projects for magazines and workshops. I truly enjoy the opportunity to work with new surfaces, tools, embellishments, and brushes. In this issue, I am excited to share some of these new products with you.

Wood Surfaces, Laser-Cut Accents, and Tim Holtz Embellishments
Available through Cupboard Distributing

3-D Wood Panels

When shopping for surfaces, the first thing that caught my eye was Cupboard Distributing’s new 4" x 4" x 2" wood panels (#28-29842). These unfinished pieces are made of 100% artist grade tung wood. They can be painted, stained, drawn on, stamped, covered with material, decoupaged, dimensionally embellished, and more. The fact that they are so sturdy and have deep sides, makes them a perfect surface for creating expressive, exciting art. You can even use them for encaustic art or prime them with gesso to accept oil paints. The wide depth of each panel looks great when hung freeform on a wall (no frame necessary). You can also stack them or use them as a base for cutouts or dimensional items. I love to group several together on a wall to create a triptych design.





Laser-Cut Gears

The use of gear shapes in designs is “hot, hot, hot” right now and they are the perfect embellishment for almost any type of art. Cupboard Distributing carries an extensive line of 1" x 1/8" and 4" x 1/8" thick laser cut Baltic birch wood gear shapes that can be painted, antiqued, or made to look like actual metal gears by applying metal leaf or metallic paint on them. Layer them, strategically place a variety of shapes and sizes within a design, interweave cog edges, and more. The creative ways in which you can use them is limitless. The gear shapes are available in several styles (tinker gear, standard gear, sprocket gear, and fizzle crank) and sizes. For a complete listing of shapes and sizes (and design ideas), visit their online shopping site.



Tim Holtz Collection Layering Stencils

With all the wonderful mediums, inks, paints, and stains available for purchase, layering a pattern within a design using a stencil has never been easier or more exciting. The design patterns on the Tim Holtz Layering Stencils are very unique and lend themselves to limitless design options. I am drawn to these stencils for two reasons: (1) They are extremely durable. The crisp cutout edge lines can be wiped excessively (such as when removing pastes and heavy mediums) and will not fray; and (2) Artistically these stencils create unique patterns (not elements), and the designs themselves are so unusual (like none I’ve seen before). Some of my favorite designs (because the designs represent textures, cloth patterns, or repeated patterns) are Burlap (#09-70815), Crocodile (#09-60731), Harlequin (#09-71375), Latticework (#09-60761), and Shatter (#09-71305). Each stencil measures approximately 4-1/4" x 8-1/2". I really like the fact there is a hole on the top edge of each stencil so it can be hung for storage to keep it flat and smooth.




Tim Holtz idea-ology Tissue Wrap

Try something new! Tim Holtz Mélange Tissue Wrap (#46-93042) is a roll of printed transparent tissue (15' x 12") that comes in a container that looks like a kitchen plastic wrap box (for ease of tearing off sections and storage protection). The design on this tissue paper (a rainbow of continuous music notes, moth/butterfly, dictionary definitions, and architectural renderings) would add fun and interest to almost any design. You can adhere it to any surface as a collage element and add color with paint or ink.

Tim Holtz Collection Stampers Anonymous Stamps

Stamps were originally created to transfer crisp images to a surface. Tim Holtz, however, has created a way to manipulate stamps to create distress or blurred images as well. The stamps are available in theme sets (other options are available), and the designs are cut from soft rubber mounted on cling foam that you adhere to a clear acrylic block (the clear acrylic block allows you to precisely place and accurately manipulate the image within your design). I love the Tim Holtz stamp designs because the versatility of the elements lend themselves to almost any theme. Some of my favorites are Bird Feather (#46-60051) and Random Quotes (#46-60071).





Tim Holtz idea-ology Metal Adornments

High-quality, dimensional metal embellishments take 3-D designing to a whole new level. These metal adornments are fabulous as decorative elements for jewelry designs, mixed-media art, scrapbook pages, photo frames, and more. They also serve as corner embellishments on canvas and table legs for wood surfaces. Adding metal embellishments to a design enhances a theme, sends a visual message, can change the look of an object, and so much more! I like these metal embellishments because of the level of quality and detail found in each element. Some of my favorite metal theme embellishment sets are Adornments (#46-92903), Foundations (#46-92821), Sprocket Gears (#46-92691), and Keyholes (#46-92718).






Glass Painting Must-Haves!
Jillybean’s Glass Art Brushes
By Dynasty Brush

Finding the right brush for the right paint (or surface) can make such a difference in the delivery of a design. Lately, I have been working with glass paints and it is very important that the brushes you use on glass have very soft hair, can hold a lot of paint, and perform correctly when fully loaded (expand and contract with different pressure). Another reason for using a soft-hair brush is that firm or coarse hair brushes can actually lift the paint off the glass as you exit a stroke or leave brush marks in the wet fluid (which is not a good thing unless your goal is a distressed glass look.) Dynasty Brush teamed up with artist Jillybean to create a glass-painting brush set that I really am truly impressed with. The brush hairs are very soft, they hold a lot of paint, perform fantastic, and have short handles to allow for easy access to all areas of dimensional surfaces. The 7-piece brush set includes a short and long liner, a large and small round, a large and small flat, and a rake brush. You can purchase Jillybean’s Glass Art Brushes (#GA01) set by going to Jillybean’s website.






Painting on Glass (#DVD-2015)
By Jillybean Fitzhenry

There are several different ways to paint on glass; painting techniques vary depending on your desired painting style and the formula or type of glass paint you are using. If you are a decorative painter who has never painted on glass before and would like to try working with this fun medium, Jillybean Fitzhenry created the perfect instructional DVD to get you started. Her thorough instructions take the mystery out of painting on glass and show you the correct way to prep a surface, load your brush, base colors in with minimum brushstrokes, and how to cure the brand of glass paint she prefers to use for her work. Plus as an added bonus, she shows you how to create her signature decorative art Feather & Hair Techniques on glass. The DVD also features step-by-step instructions for creating flowers, monogram designs, strokework designs, and whimsical shoe designs on various glass objects. Her two-disc set entitled Painting on Glass (#DVD-2015) contains an instructional DVD plus a companion CD so that you can print the patterns and instructions for the projects featured on the DVD. To purchase this informative DVD, go to Jillybean’s website.




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